Songs that make you want to move (it)

I’m no big dancer. I have some rhythm, but I prefer to “shake it” in private. When no one else is around. That being said, there are a few songs that might get me dancing. Well, especially in Warcraft where my characters can dance or spaz out for me šŸ˜‰

Gonna make you sweat– Old school jam that was a good fusion between late 80s and early 90s technology, vibe and attitude.

Pump up the jam– Technotronic knew how to get things flowing.

meant to live– OK, this one I kind of just thrash around, but it gets me motivated. First heard it in pre-game waiting for the Bears game to start. They only played the guitar riff though. Never knew it was Switchfoot until years later. Switchfoot is a pretty inspirational band for me.

Boom boom pow– It’s got an addictive groove than makes me just wanna move. Can’t stand still when this is on.

Rhythm is a dancer– Another classic dance song from the 90s. This one gives me chills in addition to make me want to move it!

Pokerface– Lady Gaga impresses me with this tune. Never thought poker and dancing could blend so well.

Dancing queen– Come on. I had to! I was born in the 70s dude. Shuddup or I will Rick Roll you!

Jump around– Okay, not really dancing but jump up, jump up and get down!

Jailbreak– Again, it’s more thrashing than dancing, but this Thin Lizzy tune gets me going side to side or running around and sliding, banging my knee on something I didn’t intend on, then I am icing it down (it happened when I was real young).

Aces high– Iron Maiden has a lot of songs that make you want to, okay, thrash. “Mosh”. “Bang your head”. Just groove.

Hey ya– Shake it like Polaroid picture? Go on!

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