My way: Hearthstone

Welcome to ‘My way’. Going to play some Frank Sinatra and recant how I got into Hearthstone and stayed there. I haven’t read much about it before I took the plunge, so I have no idea on what’s out there or not. This post will hopefully be informative to the average Joe like me. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s go!

So, like many, I got pulled in with the lure of a free mount from Warcraft. I stayed for the free coffee and donuts. For those of you yet to play Hearthstone, it is easy enough. There is a tutorial session in which you have to “unlock” all the heroes to practice against. After that, you are ready for play mode. You can stay in practice and unlock all the basic cards for that deck (20) or you can venture out into “the world” and play a human opponent.

Practice mode: Practice mode is cool. You can learn a lot from watching how the computer plays against you. It’s basically the same strategy. The AI will always try and kill your minions if you have any on the field. A sound strategy, but a conservative one. You start out with 10/20 basic cards and by the time you hit level 10, you will have unlocked them all. You get 100g for unlocking all the basic cards from every class, so it’s a pretty good incentive to do so. Plus this way you can get a feel for what other classes have at their disposal.

Play mode: This is where the bulk of your play will be. You need to be in either play mode or arena to qualify for the daily quests. At this time of this writing, I have not stuck my head in arena. I hear it costs around 150g. For me, I would rather buy new packs at this point. I was able to get my “3 wins” out of the way fairly early on. Don’t be discouraged if you lose more than you win. It happens. I try to limit myself to 3-5 games in a row. It helps keep the frustration down. It’s a fun game, but if you get a bad draw, it can be very frustrating.

The mage deck: This is the first deck you will use until you unlock more. It’s a very balanced deck, fulled with “crowd control” cards such as Polymorph, Arcane Explosion, Frost Nova and Flamestrike. It has a bunch of cards that can either do damage to the player or a minion such as Fireball. It also has a few “cheap” taunts (cards you must attack first). It’s one of my favorite decks. I kind of feel naked when I am playing another class. Figuratively of course.

Custom deck building: I didn’t touch it for a while. I simply didn’t have many cards to bother with. Once you get your first class to level 10, you should have unlocked enough class cards and maybe earned a pack or two. You can then go into your “my collection” tab and check it out. What I did was insert all the class cards, then add minions and spells I think would be helpful to me. Building decks is cool. They usually don’t play out how you think. I’m not one to go to sites on the internet and find strategies on playing or deck building. To me, that ruins the fun. You can if you want though!

So that’s Hearthstone “my way”. Maybe it will work for you too. Feel free to add your thoughts to the mix or comment about what works for you!

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