To concede or not concede?

That is the question! Like many, I have been sucked into Hearthstone by the lure of easy loot. Yes. The Hearthsteed. Also like many, I played Magic: The Gathering at some point in my life. A turn based card game, full of wonderful art and nifty spells. Kind of like Pokemon meets Dungeons & Dragons, if you will. Sometimes matches don’t turn out how we would like and your opponent may end up with a board full of minions and you waiting for a lethal blow. But, they decide they need to draw more cards and play things out. Thus, you are forced to watch or you can “concede”.

The more you get into Hearthstone, the more you will understand the inner workings. Sure your opponent can be new, but you can generally tell by the types of cards they are playing if they are experienced or not. If they start pulling out ones with gold trimmed borders, they have been around long enough to unlock those. Either way, you will probably know long before that.


This is not a good situation to be in! I ended up buffing his/her minion to get another card and then conceding to them when he pulled out another minion 😦

So what are the rules to conceding? Generally, I will let my opponent finish me off as long as he doesn’t start searching his deck (you can see them mouseover it) or pulling out more cards. Now, this doesn’t mean you should always be hasty and make a mistake. Just take the obvious victory when it is obvious.

The main argument against this is: “but I have a daily quest”. To that I say, “So?” So does everyone else. The last round in a match is no place to drag it out for personal gain. It’s rude and selfish. Not to mention you need to play more than one game to complete the quests. So don’t be one of those “guys/gals”.

Where is the “concede” button? It’s that little icon in the lower right corner. When you click on it, it will bring up a menu. Quit, Concede are two of the options there. You can also bring it up by hitting the Escape key.

Play with honor and kindness and you will find that once in a while, it might even be returned to you. Just the same, keep a weathered eye on that “concede” button. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to To concede or not concede?

  1. hasteur says:

    In the world of Go it’s considered poor form play a game all the way to the end when you’re clearly on the loosing side. Once you have no way of winning the match it’s best to conceede defeat and go into a game analysis of where you went wrong so that you can progressively get better at the game (assuming that there’s not annother game waiting)

    • oxxo910 says:

      I play fast, sometimes to a fault. Out of respect, I will give my opponent a shot at the killing blow that they earned. If they choose to faff around or cast/summon, then I hit concede.

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