4 things I like most about the 6.0 patch notes

Unless you were off the internet yesterday and away from anyone who plays Warcraft, you probably have at least heard  the patch notes for patch 6.0 were released. So lets go over some of the things I think are cool.

  • Base Resilience has been reduced to 0%.
  • Battle Fatigue has been removed. PvP combat no longer reduces the amount of healing received by PvP participants.

I have long since felt Resilience and the growing health pools were working against most people in Battlegrounds. I’m still a little curious about them “doubling” the health we get from Stamina going forward. To me, that’s going to make you “feel” more powerful when we are not. Still, I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Racial Traits

We want races to have fun and interesting perks, but if those traits are too powerful, players may feel compelled to play a specific race even if it doesn’t suit their aesthetic preference.”

This subject should and will get it’s own write up. They actually released this information a while back, but until it goes into patch notes and gets into testing, not much point talking about it. This has been a long time coming for many races and it was needed to replace some of the stats that are leaving. My early opinion is that they are all pretty nice changes.

Ability pruning

This is another thing that badly needed to be done. I’m not sure of some of their choices like removing Army of the Dead from Unholy and Frost specs. I am a fan of getting rid of some of the buttons that seemed repetitive or redundant. This too will get it’s own write up.

Profession changes

  • Herbalists can now harvest herbs throughout the game world without hard skill requirements. The yield an Herbalist will be able to harvest from each node is now determined by skill level.
  • Miners can now harvest mineral nodes in outdoor areas of the game world without hard skill requirements. The yield a Miner will be able to harvest from each node is now determined by skill level.

I feel like there is a lot more missing out of this section. I know it’s still way early in the development process so I am sure that’s why. What is most interesting is the lack of information on skinning. Holding out hope that Skinning will be reworked to drop like cloth, but that might be a pipe dream. It seems like we will be able to gather nodes regardless of how high our skill is. Something that they started in Mists of Pandaria zones. This is cool as a catch up mechanic and it also means you don’t have to skip nodes, which was really frustrating at times. Especially if it was a “rich node” or a special ore/herb.

Overall, I am very glad that they finally decided to give us some of that “massive information” they have been talking about. So what are you most excited about with the news that was released yesterday? Feel free to leave your comments down under!

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