The ultimate Vegas playlist

I love Vegas. City of lights. Fortunes can be lost or won with a roll of the dice. The American dream baby. I have been lucky enough to have been there 4 times and still want to go back. I mostly plop down in a comfy chair and watch football (hint: I like to go during football season) and have a few “complimentary” drinks. I also don’t mind betting on a few games. But mostly, it’s beer and spectating. The one trip we took with just guys (no wives or girlfriends) was pretty cool too. Even though we didn’t get drunk like I wanted us too. It was memorable.

Does anyone say Vegas more than The King? I think not.

Get lucky-This wasn’t out since I have been there, but this has to be the best song ever for Vega$. Whether it’s for love or for money, chances are you are up all night to get some, if you are in Sin City. Me? Most nights I am in bed by midnight (that’s 2am Chicago time!).

Don’t cha– This song has particular memories because one of my friends started singing it. It was also the same friend who had an “Apparently gay” dude at his poker table who like saying, “Heyyy”, you know in that stereotypical voice, every time someone new came to the table. It’s all related somehow.

The gambler– Come on now. The original Cowboy. Kenny Rogers is “The Gambler”.

Playing with the queen of hearts-Related to cards. Or is it? It’s all about luck!

Leaving Las Vegas– I was actually really upset this song wasn’t somewhere in the movie with the same title.

I’m winning– I love this song. It could be about love. It could be about luck. It could be about life.

The joker– There are lots of them there. Especially on the card tables.

Queen of Las VegasThe B-52’s have got a certain flair and style. They fit right in. We know where they got the money for it. They were printing it in the basement!

Two tickets to paradise– Could be your tickets going there, tickets to a show or you could win them there!

Days go by– How could I not include a band that has Vegas in their name? Great video too.

Sin cityAC/DC could probably have a few listings here. They seem like the perfect party band. Also money talks!

Big city nights– Not exactly about Vegas specifically but any big city.

Waking up in VegasKaty Perry is definitely into the party scene and sings about it in this classic Vegas tune.

So if you can’t get there, you can certainly take a listen to this playlist and dream šŸ˜‰ I will!


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