Imagine: Chests and treasure maps!

So, reading the 6.0 patch notes sparked some good conversation over at WoW Insider. Out of the severe pruning to inscription, a joke turned into a nifty idea. What if scribes could make treasure maps? What if these maps could lead to treasure chests? What if Guild GMs could place these chests in the world for players to find and earn XP/gold/rep and a chance at some other goodies? Imagine!


Photo credit: Robyn Turner aka @Razwick82

First of all we have these treasure chests. They could either be made by players or just placed via the guild UI and be spawned in various locations throughout the world. They could be level and class specific. Obviously there would have to be limits on them so you couldn’t exploit it. Maybe like the Blingtron prize package, one per day per account?. I’d probably make it per character. The GM could pick the zone to spawn it in, but not the location. Scribes could make treasure maps and clues that could be earned or looted.

I think it would be a step in the direction of user generated content, which could be a really cool thing for Warcraft. Especially during lulls in content like right now!

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