Hearthstone gets dailies ‘right’

If you have not played Hearthstone yet, one of the cooler things about it is, their dailies do not need to be completed in a 24 hour period. That’s right! Unlike in Warcraft, you get them done when you get them done. This does not stop you from getting new ones.


Daily quests in Hearthstone.

It is this reason that I find the “but I have dailies” excuse to drawing matches out null and void. It takes the pressure off having to get that last win or having to play X minions or do Y damage in any given battle. Can’t get it done today? Get it done tomorrow.

I am hoping this makes it into Warcraft as well. What difference does it make when you turn it in? The quest log will limit you to only having 25 quests at any given time. The quest would only pop up once per day, which would limit you to getting only 1 per day. If you happen to not turn one in and the same quest pops up, there is your penalty. You obviously would only be able to have 1 of the same quests at any given time.

This would allow more flexibility when it comes to doing dailies. I don’t think it would be a terrible thing.

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