One card can make a difference

So, you have been playing Hearthstone for a day or a week or maybe longer. You may or may not have stumbled onto a player who whipped out a card and it totally blew your mind. Sometimes these cards seem innocent. Sometimes they seem so overpowered it makes you cry out to the gods or goddesses!


The Lightwell!

The Lightwell– I was lucky enough to open this in a recent pack I earned with gold. It seems OK on the surface. A 0/5 card that heals that heals a damaged character for +3 at the beginning of your next turn. “Meh, 0 attack” you say? Well in a priest deck that’s pretty dangerous. Especially coupled with a Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. Quickly you have  10/10 beast that will heal you every round. It only costs 2 mana to play and those buffs are cheap as well. If you see one of those cards come out on the table, kill it as soon as possible!


Pump up the power with the Questing Adventurer!

Questing Adventurer– This little guy starts out at 2/2 and buffs up +1/1 every card you play. Smart players will let him sit in their deck until they can buff him up and protect him from being instantly killed. My new favorite thing is to play it with a card that can stealth him so he can buff up and not be directly attacked. It is still vulnerable to area attacks like Arcane Explosion and Flamestrike.

So have you uncovered that one card that totally makes a difference in a class deck or a neutral card? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!


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4 Responses to One card can make a difference

  1. Cold says:

    First off – you are providing misleading Infornation with this post. Lightwell heals a RANDOM SINGLE friendly character each turn. That’s 1 character chosen randomly, not “all friendly characters” like you wrote in your article. So if u have 2 mobs out and they are both injured and you are hurt as well, there’s a 1in3 chance you will be healed. If it would heal every character it would be WAY OP, much like the original Shaman healing totem that got nerfed to only heal minions instead of all friendly characters (nerfed in beta).

    The reason you shouldn’t run the light well, divine spirit, inner fire combo is because it’s a gimmicky combo that very rarely comes together and even if it all goes as planned a single silence (like ironbeak owl) will wreck your day (trading 1 for 3).

    Combos are never reliable and you will lose waiting for it to materialize often. Then when you finally get it, it is easily countered by a lot of classes thus trading 1 for 3 with basic class removal cards like polymorph, hex, any silence battle cry minion, assassinate, equality plus anything, etc.

    You want cards that give you card advantage not set you up to lose it.

    Sure this combo may be fun in a friendly game or unranked play but you won’t see competitive players using a gimmicky combo like this.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Good catch on the +3 to a damaged character. I could have sworn it healed more, but the card clearly does not say all. 1. My blog is about fun stuff. No where do I state I am hard core, nowhere do I state this is a strat guide. 2. I wrote it up after successfully pulling it off a handful of times. Of course it’s anecdotal but, like I said I am out for fun. 3. Having those boosts in your hand is never a bad idea, you can easily play them with other cards because they are cheap.
      Sorry it doesn’t work for you!

      • Cold says:

        It’s not that it “doesn’t work” for me. I’m just experienced enough to know not to rely on combos or gimmicky win conditions. It’s the same reason you don’t see many competitive Magic decks running creature enchants bc you kill the creature and lose two cards at once (creature plus enchant). Sure this doesn’t say this is a strategy guide in the post, but bad advice is still bad advice regardless.

  2. oxxo910 says:

    No dude. Bad advice is trying to tell people how to play something your way and stifling ideas. What works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa.

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