You favorite Warcraft companion quest?

We have all done at least one. You get an NPC to travel with you and even help you on your quest. Some of them are annoying, some helpful, some are even funny. So what is your favorite one?

Whether is is having a pack of sea dogs or rescuing some of John J. Keeshan’s men, the companion quests are pretty fun. It breaks up the monotony of normal questing.

Sea dogs

Orc Sea Dogs! Mustard, relish–hold the onion!

There is the quest chain where you have to rescue some Orc Sea Dogs from spider cocoons in Silverpine Forest. You then take them with you to rid a cave full of spiders, including a huge nasty one that hangs from the ceiling. If you don’t like spiders, you might want to skip this one!

Keeshan gunning

If you have been playing WoW for any length of time, no doubt you have either been through Red Ridge or heard of John J. Keeshan and his epic quest. It all starts with getting his personal effects back and saving his men. It has nothing to do with Warcraft but it’s fun. He also returns later on in the leveling process.


Sneaky Ettin surprise elf lady!

Also in Red Ridge, I love the quest where you enlist (subdue) the help of a Canyon Ettin and get him to remove a rock that has pinned down one of the men trying to move it. My favorite part is when he says goodbye to your hero. Priceless.

Back to Silverpine, Sylvanas sends you to Fenris Isle where you have the aid of the Val’kyr. She helps you kill some mobs and later on flies you…well, I am not going to give up the goods. You have to play it for yourself 😉

In Western Plaguelands you hook up with a zany troll druid. He is almost useless, but pretty funny to hang around and listen to his comments.

Maximillian of Northshire. Only did this one once, so my memory is spotty. I just remember him yelling out all over Un’Goro crater about dragons!

There are a lot more out there, so which is your favorite? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments down under!


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