So you have Edwin VanCleef, now what?

That’s right. I got my first legendary card in Hearthstone and it is none other than Edwin VanCleef. One of the most sinister and bad ass rogues in Warcraft. The legendary card is pretty sweet too. 2/2 with a +2/2 for every card you play that hand. So what? Well, my wheels immediately start turning on how I can use this to deliver the pain! Lessons in love!

So I slipped it into an existing deck I had. But why stop there? I took a quick look at some of my cards and made some cuts. Added a few low cost cards. This is what I came up with:


I jumped right in to play a game, I had to test it out on a live person. Unfortunately, I did not get the legendary in my draw. Nor did I get it when I swapped out two cards. 2 rounds in though, it found it’s way into my hand! I have to admit, I got a little rush of adrenaline. I also got a Questing Adventurer, which plays right into things. So on round 7 I was poised to strike! I played the Questing Adventurer, which would also benefit for any cards I played that round. I then threw out a Wisp, Young Priestess, and Cold Blood.


The result is a 6/6 Questing Adventurer and the 10/11 Edwin VanCleef. My opponent went for the Questing Adventurer. Fortunately he did not have a hex or silence. As you can see I have a Master of Disguise in my hand for next turn, which will stealth him! I love it when these things all work out like that!


Things won’t always work out like that, but when they do, they are very fun. Fun is why we play, right? For me it is. My opponent was gracious enough to play his hand then concede before I could finish him off, but I had the last laugh and a nice smile. I’m sure he was left cursing and muttering that it was a “gimmick deck” which is fine by me 🙂

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4 Responses to So you have Edwin VanCleef, now what?

  1. Congrats on getting that sweet legendary. I have fun memories of fighting Van Cleef in WOW.

  2. Astalnar says:

    If you want to really make use of VanCleef, thow in your deck 2 Shadowsteps and Kidnappers. If you couple that with Defias Ringleaders it can get out of control really fast. Trust me, I’ve seen the horror. The amount of animations of my opponent lasted well beyond his turn when he was done, his VanCleef somewhere in his teens in only 1 turn.

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