NFL football drama 2014: Bear down edition

The new schedule is upon us. From the Bears perspective, there are a lot of compelling stories in each match up. Just from ex-coaches and players coming back to the Windy City alone. Each NFL club will have their own drama as well. Should make for another fun season. Let’s take a little preview shall we?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I am hoping we get this game on Sunday night to kick the season off. Lovie Smith and Josh McCown coming back to Chicago. Whenever this game will be played, it is “must see” TV, especially here in Chicago. It will be bitter sweet if the Bears win. If they lose, it will be a feather in the caps of Smith and McCown.

Atlanta Falcons: The “ridiculous” Devin Hester, also known affectionately as the “Windy City Flyer” will get a shot to break the record for all time return TDs against his former team. It’s going to be hard to root against the man who has given so much excitement to us fans over the years. The best case scenario would be the Bears winning and Devin breaking the record.

San Francisco 49ers: Always going to be fun going up against ex-Bear and Head coach, Jim Harbaugh. It will be a great test to see how the Bears match up with a championship ready football team.

New Orleans Saints: Playing Drew Brees is always a challenge. Then there are ex-players and coaches in Jermon Bushrod and Offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer. Last year the Saints beat the Bears pretty soundly.

New England Patriots: This is looking to be a really fun match up. Anytime you can go up against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, you know you are in for a tough fight. It will be in their backyard too. I’m hoping it’s earlier in the year before the Patriots “gel” and before the weather gets too bad. Either way it will be another great test to see how good the Bears really are.

In addition to those games, there are the normal division rivalries. Green Bay is always tough, Detroit and Minnesota both have new head coaches. The Dallas match up should be a good on too. Stay tuned for more NFL football drama after the full schedule is released!

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