We need another place like Booty Bay

First of all, who doesn’t love booty? Literally and figuratively! Ahem. Booty Bay reminds me a lot of the cantina in Star Wars. You know, in Moss Eisley. Not so much in looks but in attitude and charm. Booty Bay in WoW is a little bit more of a haven in a treacherous part of the continent. It’s surrounded by a rugged jungle filled with savage beasts and pirates. Who doesn’t love pirates?

Not that kind of Booty!

It’s a place you can quest with and earn rep. They used to have some cool profession plans, one of which is auto learned now (standard scope). One of my “coming of age” checkoffs is to go down to Booty Bay and get the Flightpath there. After all, it is a hub to get to Kalimdor and access that part of the game.

There is a title you can learn by attacking the guards and gaining favor with the Bloodsail pirates (bloodsail admiral).

I would love for them to do another area like this in Azeroth. I know they don’t like revamping old areas, but there are many areas they could do it with. Hinterlands, Arathi Higlands and Silithus come to mind. They could make ports there on the coast. It would even be cool to help build it up through quests and watch it progress over the life of an expansion. Stuff for low level and high level players could participate in.

Give us more reasons to go out in the world and experience things. It could be a new tradepost and hub. They could even have it connect with another “Timeless Isle” type area for max level players. Maybe even have a “Lorewalkers” type thing to access scenarios and learn about other lore events.

We don’t need no stinkin’ alternate timelines! Come on Blizzard, give us more stuff in the Old World, huh?

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