10 Songs to get you going

Some people start their day with a caffeinated beverage, a spirited walk or jog, maybe an energy drink or a smoothie. All those are fine. But what really get’s me going is a good song. Doesn’t have to be over-the-top or really loud (that does help). I have a few that get my blood going and my spirits up. Let’s listen.

Meant to live– Switchfoot. I didn’t even know this song. Used to hear it at Bears games while the team was warming up. They would just play the guitar riff from the beginning. I can see why they would use it. It’s powerful. The rest of the song is too. The lyrics are meaningful. So crank it up!

Team– Lorde. Lorde is my new favorite artist. I love her voice and lyrics. She’s got a lot of style. I first heard this song after checking out her grammy performance people were hating on. I’m glad I did. Has a great beat and energy.

Hammer to fall– Queen. I could probably list any of a dozen songs from them. This one has lots of energy and sustains it throughout.

One– Metallica. Great song. The one that really got my head turned around when I thought of Heavy Metal. Got me to take a closer look at the genre. Starts out slow and melodic and builds into a thrashing frenzy.

Book of days– enya. She has a voice of an angel. It’s like she talks to my soul. Seriously. Very inspiring.

Shook me all night long– AC/DC. Also in my “New Year’s” list. This song gets me fired up any time of day or night. Let’s go!

Switch 625– Def Leppard. Yeah. Here’s one you probably never heard unless you are a fan. I have this dream of having them do the soundtrack to the movie adapted from a book I wrote. Still unpublished. One of these days. Anyways, this song would be in there.

Kashmir– Led Zeppelin. When I think of Led Zeppelin, it all begins with this song. The riff, the big drums, Robert Plant’s voice wailing steadily.

In the air tonight– Phil Collins. Oddly, another “night song”. Classic. Moody. Somewhat somber even. It shouldn’t invoke inspiration, but it does. Especially midway through when the big drum beat hits and the tempo changes.

Today– Smashing Pumpkins. One of the classic alt-rock anthems of the 90s. The song for those who might be having a bad day, but willing it to be better. Today!

There you go. Hope you enjoy this list and use some of these songs to motivate you in the morning, afternoon or whenever you need that little extra.

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One Response to 10 Songs to get you going

  1. Fussypants says:

    I like your list (especially the Phil Collins and the Lorde song)! My top song to get me up and ready for the day is either Happy by Pharrell or You’re On Fire by They Might Be Giants.

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