Imagine: Your own inn or business

Welcome back to Imagine. This installment is all about being a “regular guy” (or gal) in Warcraft and owning your own inn or other business. Wouldn’t that be cool to place an Inn or a business in or around any major town? In light of Garrisons, perhaps this is something that could happen someday.


Set up a little shop in Stormwind or any major city?

Be your own boss! Own a plot of land and farm it. Other people could come buy your crops, livestock, pets or maybe even mounts!

Set up shop! Pick a town to set up your shop in. You would be in charge of getting materials for it and crafting stuff. No more Auction House to deal with. People would come right to you and pick from already made merchandise or special order things.


Pick an empty location and hock your wares!

Have mage will travel? Set up a “porting boutique” where you could port people or sell them “on use” portal stones to various destinations. I would make some limit to how many you could carry and put a good 2 hour CD on it at least.


Sell your exotic collections in an exotic local. Dalaran perhaps? Live mas!

Set dailies to help your community craft as you are. How cool would that be? Maybe pick from a list of dailies to set up for friends or guild members?

Imagine the possibilities!

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