NFL mock draft: Fantasy edition 23-32

Last installment of NFL mock draft: Fantasy edition! You can see picks 1-11 here and 12-22 here. Sometimes these things can seem like the Twilight Zone…

23. Kansas City: Marqise Lee, WR- Philadelphia snags Odell Beckham one pick before. Marquise Lee is certainly a high rated receiver as well. KC really needs a speedy threat from this position.

24. Cincinnati: Bradly Roby, CB- Just like in my “real” mock draft, the Bengals biggest need is probably at the cornerback position. This seems like a good fit for them and would boost their Fantasy outlook for D/ST.

25. San Diego: Kyle Fuller, CB- I think they could add another WR, but at this point might find better value at the CB position. Either one would boost their “Fantasy stock”.

26. Cleveland: Carlos Hyde, RB- They got QB Blake Bortles with their first pick and replace former running back Trent Richardson with Hyde. This would give Browns fans a lot of hope in becoming a legitimate offense.

27. New Orleans: David Yankey, G- Now, this is not a sexy pick in terms of “Fantasy” impact, but probably one that needs to be taken. Drew Brees took a lot of hits last year, especially when facing tougher competition. I wouldn’t mind seeing them take a speedy RB to replace Darren Sproles.

28. Carolina: Kelvin Benjamin, WR- This year’s draft is loaded at the WR position and there are many teams with a huge need there. No team has a bigger need at wide receiver than the Carolina Panthers. They will still need to grab another wideout further in the draft.

29. New England: Tre Mason, RB- It’s been a while since the Patriots added a RB this high in the draft. Tom Brady could use another weapon, either out of the backfield or to compliment Gronkowski at the TE position.

30. San Francisco: Kony Ealy, DE- No way he will be here in the “real” NFL draft. San Francisco would love to add a pass rusher of his caliber to their defense.

31. Denver Broncos: Anthony Barr, LB- Also probably long gone in the actual NFL draft. Denver would love to add a player of his caliber at the position to bolster their D/ST.

32. Seattle Seahawks: Ryan Shazier, LB- Seahawks always like to restock the defense. They could add depth to their offensive line or WR corps.

There we go. Last installment and no more “Mock Drafts” for me!


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