Would you like an offline option to build decks?

I was thinking about this the other night. In light of Battle.net being down and me wanting to fiddle around with cards. My cards. I admit, I am a tinkerer. Anytime I get a new card I like, I want to go put it in my deck.

So an offline deck builder. I don’t think that is too much to ask for. It lets you look through and customize your decks. Some might say, just go view them on X site. Not entirely the same. Sure I could view them, but then when the game comes back online, I gotta go put them in there. Which means, I have to remember write down which ones I want to put in.

I also like to look at my cards and don’t wish to be disturbed by people. People I like. I have a couple friends that like to spam me with dialogue sometimes. I think they especially like to do that when they see I am in Hearthstone. One of them will always ask me what I’m doing. Even though she can see exactly where I am. So yeah, if I could do this offline, then I can just jump into the game and play !

So what do you say Blizzard, you old building and loan pal?

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