Exodar Roller-Disco should be a thing

It all started innocently enough when I tweeted out the Xanadu video. You know the classic Olivia Newton John/Electric Light Orchestra one. From the movie with the same title? Yeah, the one your parents warned you not to go see! That one!

Well, I never saw it but (admission) the video/song is a guilty pleasure of mine. So, I followed it up with an, “Exodar should be a roller-disco” tweet. And that was that. An idea born. Blizzard employees tweeted. Incoming blog post. What if they did something crazy and listened to the Dude? I mean SpaceBard? What if, we got roller skates for the Winter Veil gift? They could even make achievements to go skate in enemy capitals! How freaking cool (in grand nerd fashion) would that be? Huh? A lot cooler than shooting them with a BB gun (no offense) and much more fun than simply going there and putting on a gaudy red sweater. Amirite? Of course I am!

So how about it Blizzard? Metzen? Anyone? Metzen? Let’s do this!!

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