The uiltimate Friday soundtrack

Now wait. This isn’t going to be a tribute to Rebecca Black–so relax. These are songs that get you in the “Friday” state of mind. Sheesh.


Band on the run– Paul McCartney.

Working for the weekend– Aren’t we all? This classic Loverboy tune has stood the test of time.

Dogs on the run– Tom Petty. Pretty much any Tom Petty song. This one reminds me of getting into the car after work or in the beginning of a road trip. Lot’s of excitement. Little to no bugs squashed on the windows and a full tank of gas!

Margaritaville. Friday is party mode. How can you have a party without Jimmy Buffet? Trick question. You can’t. Don’t try it unless you like killing little kittens or tearing wings of butterflies.

Friday I’m in love– The Cure. The best day to be in love? Who knows.

Jailbreak– Thin Lizzy. It’s on my New Year’s Eve list. It should be played early and often.

Last Friday night– I can’t do this list without at least one entry from America’s party queen.

Friday night– Vandenberg. Yeah. Unless you grew up in the 80s, this one probably slipped by you. So here it is!

Danger zone– Kenny Loggins. Okay, this one could be a stretch but it’s probably the most dangerous day of the week for many people.

Bang your head (metal health)– Quiet Riot. Good Friday night driving song.

Seek and destroy– Metallica. You don’t want to be walking down the side of a street when someone is cranking this one up. If it’s Friday night, stay off the sidewalks people!

Glory days– Bruce Springsteen. Friday night’s are the “glory days” of the week. I think this caps off the list nicely.

Hope you enjoyed this list. Feel free to comment or leave your favorite “Friday” songs!



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