What is the funnest deck you have made?

I’m pretty new at Hearthstone, but one of the things I like doing is making decks. I make decks for the dailies. My minion and spellcasting decks are probably two of my favorite. I also was lucky enough to pull an  Edwin VanCleef card and made a deck around him. That deck is fun but frustrating at the same time. So how about you?


The other day I got the quest to play 20 minions that cost 5 or more to play. This sent me into a bit of a quandary. Which class should it be? My first instinct was one that had some heals in it, so I could survive long enough to play those bad boys (and girls). I then remembered the summing portal that makes your minions cost 2 less. So, I went with the Warlock. I also sprinkled in some lower cost minions which actually works really well. I know it’s all RNG but it was really fun. I even went up vs another warlock who looked like they had the same idea. I smoked him!

So this is my new favorite fun deck. What is the funnest deck you have made? Please feel free to let me know in the comments down under!


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