No day like Draft day

My love for the NFL Draft started in 1999 after then Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt was fired. Long story short, they were bad at drafting under his regime. Eventually hired a guy who knew football (Mark Hatley). He got things going the right way. The 1999 draft was the first one I watched on TV and was hooked from that point on. My friends mom actually cooks an Indian/Spanish rice just for me (at my friends request) for the day. It’s that special. I hold it in similar regard to Christmas and Thanksgiving.

So I think it’s only fitting to share my draft posts and put them in one nice spot for your perusal.

My one and only mock draft. I didn’t edit it. I’ve gone that route in years past and it just makes you crazy. Will be neat to see how it all plays out. I think there will be some trades in the top 5 and definitely in the top 10. There could be a record amount of trades in the first round.

I did a “Fantasy” mock draft. It’s basically where I think/want players to go to make the best “Fantasy” impact. Picks 1-11, 12-22, and 23-32.

Lastly, my thoughts on why Johnny Manziel will not fall (too far). Enjoy and hope your Draft day is filled with excitement and hope!

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