Three observations from the 2014 NFL Draft

Day one was definitely the more exciting day to watch. With the opening of day two, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told us it was the most watched night of the draft ever. Which isn’t long since it’s only been on at night for a couple years. I personally liked it better on Saturday morning.

Observation #1. Jerry Jones needs to hand over the reigns to someone else. He used to be known for moving up and down the draft. Collecting picks and snagging players left and right. I guess that was more when Jimmy Johnson was at his side. He followed up a “ho-hum” night of staying at #16 and taking the 4th best OT with trading up to land maybe the 4th or 5th best pass rusher. The entire Dallas Cowboys war room was all smiles and high fives. Really? That’s what you got excited for? Well, okay then. I’ll just sit here and be underwhelmed. Haven’t made the playoffs since 2009? Great. Sorry Dallas.

Observation #2. The San Francisco 49ers kicked everyone’s ass. They won the draft, if that is possible. Not only did they dominate the draft so thoroughly, they made a trade to pick up speedy WR Stevie Johnson from Buffalo. Not sure exactly what compelled Buffalo to move the WR who would have benefited from having Sammy Watkins join him. Maybe they have some money on the 9ers going to the Superbowl? As someone who dislikes the 49ers, I was thourougly disgusted, but impressed. Good job guys. Good luck NFC west.

Observation #3. Jacksonville did a nifty job adding some WRs around their new QB Blake Bortles. Not sure why so many teams let Marquise Lee fall into the 2nd round. Maybe they felt bad for the Cleveland Browns who got some bad news on troubled WR Josh Gordon Gordon will probably miss the entire 2014 campaign because of a substance abuse problem. I am genuinely sad for him and the Browns organization. Hope he can get things right with his life.

No games are won or lost on draft day. No players are selected into the Pro Bowl. There is no doubt some teams bettered themselves more than others. Hopefully your team is one.


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