Your favorite movie songs Vol. 1

Some songs you probably haven’t heard in a while. You might have been little. You might have been a teen. When you hear these songs, you are instantly transported back to the time when you saw the movie. Maybe you went with your family. A friend. Maybe even a significant other. These songs have a special place in your heart. So here there are!

For me, a lot of these songs are when I went to movies as a kid. Songs like “Nobody does it better” from the movie “A spy who loved me”. James Bond movies where huge when I was growing up. I was lucky to have my aunt or my mom take me to see them. When I got older, I went with friends. I still love James Bond movies.

The very first record I bought was this soundtrack from Raiders of the lost Ark. It was actually the whole movie on record. It was pretty cool. I think I still have it somewhere…

The Rocky theme song is probably one of the top 5 most memorable songs from a movie, but Survivor’s “Eye of the tiger” from Rocky 3 was a smash hit and still gets a good amount of play today.

Star Wars is another genre that has a very memorable theme song and had a song that made the charts in 1983. Who can forget the Ewok song? Well, you can–unless you were born in the late 80s or after!

Saturday Night Fever and Grease had more hits than Cubs opponents (Zing!) when those movies were released. I’m not sure it’s even fair to include these in this post. “Night Fever” and “You’re the one that I want” are probably the most memorable from each one.

Caddyshack had a slew of hits in it’s soundtrack. None more memorable than “I’m alright” by Kenny Loggins. Who can forget the furry little gopher dancing at the end of the movie?

The Crow is another movie chock full of fantastic music. “Big Empty” was a pretty big hit for Stone Temple Pilots.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show– Whether you have seen the movie or not, you probably have heard, “The time warp“.

Romancing the stone had a great title song  by Eddie Grant and it’s sequel had an equally memorable song done by Billy Ocean–“When the going gets tough“.

I will always love you” Beautifully sung by Whitney Houston for the movie she stared in, The Bodyguard.

Kiss from a rose– Seal. This song from Batman Forever was played a ton in 1995. Still holds up for me.

Don’t you (forget about me)– Simple minds. John Hughes had a lot of hit movies and those movies had a lot of cool songs in them. Probably one of the most memorable is this song from The Breakfast Club.

Young Guns had a huge hit by Bon Jovi in 1988, “Blaze of Glory” Not a big Bon Jovi fan, but I do like this one, and I loved the movie.

Ghostbusters. I don’t know if there is a single person aged 25-45 who doesn’t know this song immediately. (okay, maybe one or two)

Top Gun had a bunch of hit songs in the summer of 1986. “Take my breath away” is one of them, and still gets a fair amount of airplay even today.

That’s it for this volume. Stay tuned for more of your favorite movie songs in the future!



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