A few NFL Draft disappointments

The 2014 NFL Draft is in the books and for the most part, I felt teams did really well. From Houston taking Jadeveon Clowney in Round one all the way to them taking Lonnie Ballentine with the last pick in the draft. Let’s sprinkle some drops of rain on this sunshine filled parade

If I wasn’t a Bears fan, I would be a little miffed that the Detroit Lions passed on one of the top corners to select TE Eric Ebron. As it stands, I am perfectly fine with their decision to not address their CB need in round 1.

Fantasy-wise, I wish the Giants would have drafted a Tackle in the first round to help out old Eli. I guess they did in a way, taking speedy WR Odell Beckham. Still, is he going to have time to get it to him?

Ryan Shazier might turn out to be a really good Linebacker in the NFL, but the Steelers let me down by letting Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix slip past them and into the fingers of the filthy Green Bay Packers. C’mon man!

I can’t be too mad at Kansas City for grabbing pass rusher Dee Ford, especially when I projected my Bears to take him at #14. But the Chiefs really could have used one of the talented wide outs. Instead of taking a couple wide receivers, they took backups at RB and QB. There were literally like a dozen prospects at WR. I’m having flashbacks to when Andy Reid was in Philly and Donavan McNabb was the QB…sigh.

I’m guessing the Eagles got caught looking in the backfield so to speak, when they missed out on CBs Darqueze Dennard and Jason Verrett when they traded down with Cleveland. I won’t ding them for not taking a WR in round 1 because they made it up by taking 2 later on.

Carolina took only one WR when they really needed 2-3. I can’t knock them too much for taking one of the taller WRs in the 2014 draft. I can knock them for not coming back and taking another one. Especially when Martavis Bryant was swinging in the wind for so long.

Strictly from a Fantasy Football perspective, I was a little disappointed that the Patriots didn’t try to add a TE like Jace Amaro to their mix. I thought maybe even Tre Mason would have been a nice fit in round 2 or early round 3.




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