It’s time to retake Gilneas

The topic comes up in discussion every now and then. Someone will bring it up in game or on a forum/website. It sparks debate. The harder-core horde players don’t want to give up an inch of ground. On the flip-side, alliance players desperately want to use the wonderfully created zone for questing and role playing.

It would make sense lorewise and it would be nice to use the area that was so well crafted. They could make a nice quest chain that lead to a scenario. You know an actual scenario that lead to something cool and meaningful. I have a few ideas on scenarios I should expand on.

I strongly wish Blizzard would give us things to do in the “old world” from time to time. They have in the past (Operation Gnomeregan, the troll thing in STV). I know they try to get away from phasing, and I can understand that. They could make it like the Barren’s thing they had for 5.3. Keep it like that for 2-3 months then put NPCs there and give quests for low level characters. Make it a city! It’s time. We should be able to use that area, not just have it be abandoned.

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