If you could revamp the main questline of any zone…

Which one would you chose, and how would you do it? This is a good question brought to us by Chrth, who posts on WoW Insider. I thought it was an excellent question for my own blog post. So here it goes!


I wouldn’t do just one, I would do a few. I would make them all like the Forsaken 10-20 area, in that, I would bring the faction leader into the questing and let them tell a bit of their story. The first one I would do is Kharanos. The 5-10 area needs some reworking. There is almost no story and no reason for anything going on there. It would be cool if the “Council of three hammers” interact with you. Tell you about how they came to power when Uncle Magni got himself frozen in crystal. They can even make it funny (each one could tell their side of the story).

Anytime you get to interact with a faction leader, it draws you more into the story, making you feel like more than a bunch of pixels slapping around mobs like a kid on a pinata. I would redo Westfall. I’d keep the current Defias storyline, more because it would take too much time and resources to fix it. I would take out all the BS though and put back story about Edwin VanCleef. Otherwise, who cares about Vanessa? I would bring Varian into the story and maybe he can show a little remorse for how things played out. Doesn’t have to be a lot. Maybe he can meet you at the entrance to the Deadmines. Offer a hand on your shoulder and says, “You know what needs to be done, hero. For Stormwind.” He nods and walks back to his brilliant white steed.


You get a little Vol’jin and Baine in the troll 1-5 zone and tauren 6-10 zone, respectively. I think there is room to add more. It’s going to be weird for players to do those current leveling zones then go to Orimmar and see Vol’jin on the throne (eventually). Maybe they should redo all the 1-5 zones.

So this is what I would do. It’s not all encompassing, but it’s a nice start. What about you? If you could revamp the main questline of any zone, which would it be and how would you do it? Feel free to comment down below or link your blog post.


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