The 10 best James Bond songs

I did the 10 best Bond films, why not do the 10 best Bond songs?

I’m just going to do my favorites in chronological order. I’m not sure I could pick out a #1.

Live and let die– Paul McCarney and his band, Wings did this classic James Bond title song. Guns N Roses liked it too. So much they covered it years later.

Nobody does it better– Carly Simon. Happened to be the first Bond movie I saw in the theater. I had a crush on Carly Simon, even though I didn’t know what she looked like.

For your eyes only– The brilliant Sheena Easton. Maybe my favorite Bond film of all time. This song would be in my top 3 for sure. You know. If I was ranking them.

All time high– This song from Octopussy (shuddup) sung by Rita Coolidge.

A view to a kill– Duran Duran belts out a hit. Not sure we can say the same for Roger Moore’s last go as Bond. It had Grace Jones and Christopher Walken in it.

License to kill– Gladys Knight. A solid and soulful Bond song. Definitely one of my top favorites.

Goldeneye– Tina Turner ushered another Bond change with this tune. It marked Pierce Brosnan’s debut as the spy.

The world is not enough– The song is not garbage, even though it was performed by Garbage. I might be biased because of  my fondness for the band and singer Shirly Manson.

Die another day– Madonna turned up the heat with this title song. The video was clever too.

You know my name– Chris Cornell’s haunting rendition for “Casino Royal”. It’s both modern, and a throwback to the Bond songs of old.

So there it is. In chronological order. So I didn’t have to pick a favorite. But you can, in the comments below!


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