Project SpaceBard™

I have had this listed on my Twitter profile for a while (since I made the account) but I have said little about it. It’s kind of a thing I have had in my head and partially down on paper. It’s time do get it out for the world to see. At least the World of Warcraft.


SpaceBard with his pet Steve.

What is Project SpaceBard™? It is simply, my quest (and dream) to get Bards as a playable class in Warcraft. I have a strong passion for music and for RPGs. This is like my peanut butter cup–two great things that taste great together! Hopefully, my thoughts and ideas can lead to that discussion becoming a reality. I realize I am not alone or even particularly innovative on this subject. Bards have been in many RPGs over the years. Most people think the bard class would be a “gimmick”, a “joke” or just not work in the World of Warcraft. I think that is all rubbish. Being a bard is a way of life. It’s not about being tops on the DPS or heals charts. I think there is a place for this kind of class in WoW.

The Bard: Deals damage, buffs, controls, taunts and heals using light magic and song. Spins tales of lore throughout the realm. The role of the Bard for Warcraft might have to me modified depending on whether Blizzard wants to have another go with a support class or not. I have some ideas on how that could work, if they went that route. Otherwise, they would fit it into the “holy trinity” (tank, DPS, heals).

Specs: Charmer, Persuader, Consoler.

Charmer: Uses emotion/slight of hand to deal damage, buff allies, taunts/CCs enemies with music and simple arcane spells. Ranged spec, light heals.

Persuader: Uses emotion to weaken/boost morale in combat. Fights along melee. Light combat, slight of hand, deception. Taunts enemy with song and verbal attacks.

Consoler: Uses emotion and simple arcane spells to buff/weaken and heal group or enemies. Can turn hostile enemies into allies. “Is a lover not a fighter”.

Armor: Cloth, leather.

Weapons: Dagger, 1h sword, 1h axe, slingshot, 1h mace, wand. (slingshots would obviously have to be added into the game. Blizzard could just build the mechanic into a spell).

Music as a weapon: Depending on how Blizzard wanted to play it, the “musical” nature of the Bard could be “arcane” from a gameplay standpoint. In this scenario, no physical instrument would be needed. Monks would be a good example where they have weapons but don’t use them in all their attack animations.


Charm Person- Forces an enemy to have their next attack hit an ally (or themselves in a 1 on 1 fight). Reduces aggro by X amount. This effect can be used on healers to heal the Bard or his/her ally.

Arcane Dagger- Hurls a bolt of arcane energy in melee range. (ranged and heals only)

Strum- Plays mandolin, boosts damage/healing for X seconds. 16-20 second CD.

Mandolin Bash/Pepper (for ranged)- Daze target for X seconds. 1-2 minute CD. Any damage breaks effect.

Taunt- Forces attacker to lose focus on target making them do less damage for 20-30 seconds. 1 minute CD. (Not to be confused with tank taunts. Perhaps “insult” instead)

Silver Tongue- 10% discount with vendors. Chance to get extra items when buying in bulk. (all specs)

Rational thought- Turns hostile NPC to “neutral” allowing Bard to pass or even interact with NPC for up t0 60 seconds. (all specs)

Sucker Punch- Small amount of damage and blinds enemy for 2 seconds.

Blindside- Dodge and sets up enemy for lethal blow, 2-3x weapon damage. 20-30 second CD.

Stick and move- A dashing combo of jabs and parries/dodges. (melee)

Exit, stage left- Using arcane magic, blend into the shadows. Cannot use in combat. (all specs)

Heal- light heal using arcane magic.

Comforting song- Uses music to heal 2-4 players for X over 10-12 seconds. (heals only)

These are just a few ideas for spells. Will have to be filtered/adjusted by spec.

I would use the Bard class to introduce the “combo” attacks mechanic. Basically using one spell to set up another one and combine it into something more powerful or perhaps a damage or heal over time.

That’s all I have so far. I will add more as I think of it. Stay tuned for the tale of SpaceBard™





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