Are you multi-server?

Even since before I filled up my first server full of wonderful characters, I ventured out to explore other realms. My buddy–who got me into Warcraft picked our server. I have no idea how, he probably doesn’t either.


This is my trial account, I have more servers on my main account.

It was mainly because during Wrath, servers would go down a lot. Usually a whole Battlegroup would go down. So I did a little research and picked a server in another Battlegroup. I also checked out the data centers, because I heard that was a thing. So, I picked one in a central time zone. I chose Garona. It’s a decent server, just like my main. It was smallish at the time too. Nice and quiet. I made a toon on Cenarion Circle, which is a Role Playing server. I had to check that out. It’s pretty cool. It’s about the same as my other servers. There are a lot of nice folks. There are also a few punks, just like any other server. Most of them hang out in Goldshire or trade chat.

I rolled a couple toons on The Venture Co, mainly because I heard it was one of the few servers that were not CRZ (cross realm zone). Meaning: there was little to no competition for pets and rare hunter pets. Which made it a nice place to collect stuff. Perhaps at some point I will transfer those toons out. For now, they stay there. Happily collecting.

On my trial account I had a couple ideas. #1 was to make a bunch of level 18 toons that were hard to find for those holiday achievements (putting ears on the females ) #2 was to make a server full of toons with hockey names (10 of them are Blackhawks players and 1 is a spin off of Tuuka Rask, because that name is just awesome).

Finally, my main server was connected with Blackhand, so naturally I had to start rolling toons on there. Some of them are copies of characters I had on other servers. A couple are toons I have deleted (because of space).

So as you can see, I am very much multi-server. I like playing a wide variety of characters for many different reasons. How about you? Do you have characters on multiple servers or are you content with one? Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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2 Responses to Are you multi-server?

  1. Astalnar says:

    I used to have characters spread among multitude of realms, but now they are with the exception of two lvl 1 stragglers all one big happy family.

  2. Loco says:

    I think I still have 3 or 4 slots OPEN for new toons … lol
    Overall I like the variety of classes and the different societies of the different realms.

    My main is The Venture Co – US (VeCo) and I love it.
    It does not matter if you RP or not, if you PvP or not – the PEOPLE are just nice on both sides of the aisle. When there is an A$$hat, players on both sides have issues with that and USUALLY it gets cooled down fast. Like anywhere else there can be exceptions but overall I tihnk it’s the best place to play unless you WANT to drown in the crowds.

    One of my full realms (11 toons) is Azuremyst. It got into CRZ and quality of life went down fast, which is why I tried VeCo. Since then Azuremyst was combined with another realm (I think Mok’Nathal) and in my visits I noticed that the AH is almost fully controlled by that realm even though Azuremyst was never a low population realm.

    Hyjal is an interesting realm – has a Horde majority to the point that even though it’s a PvE realm you can get a “for the Horde” easily and you see the raiding parties in SW a lot.

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