How could Blizzard change their design philosophy?

This is a topic that comes up at in the Queue a lot or even on Twitter (and I’m sure in the forums) by all of us “armchair” developers. I’m just going to “free fall” a little here. You should too!

The biggest change I would like to see is having older content updated. It could be something as small as adding new gear, pets or mounts. It could be something large as an additional boss. Back in Wrath, they did this to some extent with Wintergrasp and the Argent Tournament. What I would love to see is them give us a little bit and add on later. Take Garrisons for instance, roll out some basic stuff at launch and in the first or second patch, add on to it. Maybe it’s two simplistic, maybe it’s ignorant of me to suggest. All I know is it sounds like it would make sense to me.

Another thing they could do is not release so much each patch. Blizzard has even come out and said they wanted to do smaller patches more often. Then they went ahead and gave us the same patches more often, which was nice to some, but in the end gave us the current “drought” we are in now. No new content since 9/10/14, with nothing on the horizon for at least 6 months.

I would also like to see more daily quests in the main cities, and let us do them all. They could take away the lousy 1 point if they are worried about people leveling from them (which would only be 4 per day for cooking). They could even add some other profession dailies to the mix.

Weekly PvP quests would be cool. Give us some objectives to raid opposite faction cities, get kills for both attacking and defending. You wanna put the WAR back into Warcraft? There you go!

These are just a few ideas I have floating around. So what do you got? How can Blizzard change up their design philosophy? Feel free to place your ideas or thoughts in the comments down below!

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One Response to How could Blizzard change their design philosophy?

  1. Loco says:

    A big issue for the developers is to decide what to do with PvP.
    At the moment PvP is mostly an afterthought and the devs are mostly concerned with Arenas and RBGs. Those are the main places to get Conquest points (the higher PvP currency) so the PvP players who go for achievements or for show go there and are loud in their demands.
    “Common” players go mostly to Tol Barad, Wintergrasp or regular BGs, and sometimes (depending on the server) do world PvP.
    Recently ALL major decisions about PvP were took care of the higher profile / loud players and left the rest of us in the dust. In Tol Barad, Wintergrasp and world PvP a player in raid gear (PvE) has a huge advantage over players in PvP gear, even the higher level gear. Why? Because Blizzard took care of their mistakes (like baked in resilience) in instanced PvP but not in ALL PvP.
    Some realms are PvP, so if the devs continue to neglect world PvP they run the risk of those realms getting even emptier than they are now.

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