Do you have a band you like but don’t own any of their records?

I think about this often actually. I do have a few, including Led Zeppelin, whom I blogged about last year. I have a bunch including a little band from Australia that goes by the name of AC/DC. I’m not sure I have enough “favorite songs” to make a big list, but I have a handful I do like. So let’s check them out.

Jailbreak– I can see this being a good “mojo” song for my Fantasy Football teams. Queen is this year’s sponsor. Perhaps the AC/DC will be for 2015?

Hells bells– Can’t watch an NFL game without hearing this a few times.

Touch too much– It’s funny, you can not know the names of songs but when you listen to them, you go–“Oh yeah”. This is one of those for me.

You shook me all night long– Loved this song since I was a little kid. Hard not too if you like the Rock N Roll.

Moneytalks– Is one of my favorites, and one I have chosen for more than a couple “headers”. It really does get a point across (political views aside).

Shoot to thrill– I might have Iron Man to thank for my new found love for AC/DC. Shoot yeah!

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap– Classic AC/DC. Who doesn’t like a song about revenge and mischief?

TNT– “See me ride out of the sunset on your color TV screen, out for all that I can get if you know what I mean”.

Thunderstruck– Reminds me of just being out of High School. Yep, I’m old. This song was all over the radio the year after I graduated. Good times.

Who made who– I didn’t really love this song until I heard it again last year on a road trip back from Indianapolis. Found a good radio station out there too, Q95 rocks!

Highway to hell– Another classic AC/DC song.

Back in black– Great song when you are in the car and you have some miles to go. Kind of re-energizes you.

Rock N Roll train– One of my new favs and probably one that got me to thinking I should go buy some AC/DC records already (actually CDs, although I do still have 2 working record players).

So do you have a band you like but don’t own any of their records (CDs for you youngins)? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments down uder!

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