If The Walking Dead characters were in Warcraft, what classes would they be?

The Walking Dead has been over for a little while now but I find it bleeding into my other hobbies. Wacrarft has undead, even playable ones (forsaken). So why not? What classes would your favorite character be?

Rick Grimes- On the surface you think, he is a former cop so he has the law and order thing down. Justice and all that. Ret Paladin right? Watching the season finale has me scratching my head. Still, he’s probably the closest thing Walking dead has to a paladin.

Daryl Dixon- He uses a crossbow, he has to be a hunter. He would probably eat a pet vs tame it, but this is the zombie apocalypse. Can you blame him?

Michonne- 2h samurai sword? Definitely a warrior. Arms or Fury? You pick!

Carol- She does what has to be done. Sometimes without letting it be known. While she may not intend to deceive, subterfuge is part of her game–rogue.

Hershel- He heals and is a farmer. He has a lot of insight. Tough call between Restoration druid or shaman. Because of the farming, I think I would have to go with druid. They have a stronger connection to the earth and plant life.

The Governor- Evil, controlling, manipulative. Despised by all but his closest allies. Warlock. Is it even close?

Bob “Stookey”- Is battling alcoholism, amidst that, he seems to have a very zen-like approach to things. I think he is striving for balance and inner peace. Monk.

Carl Grimes- Scrawny and still a boy. Shoots first and, well second. Good at “summoning” food. Mage.

Merle Dixon- Loves inflicting pain. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s on an ally or enemy. Kind of feeds off chaos and suffering. Beneath all that, he can be loyal and has just the slightest bit of good in him. Deathknight.

So that’s about what I could come up with. I left out a couple classes and a bunch of characters. There are still plenty to come up with. Which ones do you think fit? Which ones don’t? Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below!


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