What kind of luck do you have?

When it comes to winning and losing in Hearthstone, a lot of it can come down to RNG. You can build the perfect deck, but sometimes you need that one card, or your opponent does. You make one mistake and your opponent wins the next turn, or you do. So, I ask this: What kind of luck do you have?

Sure, you can make you own luck to some degree, depending on the cards you use or don’t use. I like to have fun, so I put in a lot of cards that have special effects to them. My favorite thing is playing Questing Adventurer’s and seeing how much I can get them buffed up. When I got VanCleef from a pack of cards, I immediately built a deck around that, filling it with low cost cards that would work well with it. Turns out they work well with a Questing Adventurer too! So I slipped a couple of those into the deck.


Turn out the lights, the party’s over!

I’ve gone on some nice runs with just about every deck I have made so far. I have also gone on some runs where I couldn’t win a match. Sometimes it’s the match up, sometimes it’s the initial draw. It’s a card game, so naturally there is some luck involved. I know one thing, board control is very key to winning and losing. Even that is up to RNG.


I’m about to VanCleef this dude!

So what kind of luck do you have? Mine comes and goes like anything else. I have had some really good moments and some really bad ones. Feel free to leave your tale’s of luck in the comments down under.

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