Forgotten tracks

Perhaps this can be a new column taking over for my usual Saturday lists. Right now, I am going to use it to answer a few questions. Mainly, why is there little Robert Plant on mainstream Classic Rock stations? Maybe this is just a lull or my bad luck? I don’t know. I have been listening to a good amount of Classic rock on the radio over the past year. So what gives? Maybe it’s dated? It might not be as timeless as a Led Zeppelin song, but it’s still pretty good music.

Big log- The above pictured video was all over the TV in the mid 80s. I cannot believe I forgot about this Robert Plant classic. The soulful guitars both compliment and contrast his rich vocals.

In the mood– This iconic Plant song used to be prominently played, especially as a drop on one Chicago radio station. Seems like they are not in the mood any longer. For shame.

Ship of fools– Such a simple yet elegant song. Kind of reminds me of a little oasis in the middle of a desert.

Heaven knows– Great song. I swear it was used at the end of a movie, but I can’t seem to remember which one. So many of his songs could/should be used in film.

Little by little– One of Plant’s early solo hits. Iconic mid 80s style. Kind of reminds me of “Manhunter” or “To live and die in LA“.

29 palms– I think only hardcore Plant fans will remember this tune. I don’t remember it getting much airplay. Came out around the time grunge was in. It’s one of my all time favorite Robert Plant tunes.

Come into my life– Perhaps I spoke too soon, this song really gets me too. I think it really captures Plant at the time meshing with his past. I think this track could have easily been a Led Zeppelin song.

Dance on my own– Thought I would throw this little gem into the mix. This song just brings me back to the late 80s/early 90s. Which is not a bad thing–for me.

Burning down one side– This is another candidate for songs that should be played more often. I suppose I should be glad in a way, especially on most stations where you get the same 10 songs played to death.

So there you go. A blast from the past, if you are a Plant or Classic Rock fan. A breath of fresh air if you missed out on all those great songs. I left a few out, including a couple popular ones. Let’s make sure these don’t remain, “Forgotten tracks”.


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