What do you want out of your alts?

If you have read many of my posts here or read my comments on WoW Insider, you might know that I am a Hardcore-Altoholic™. I think I just coined a phrase. I play alts for a variety of reasons. Variety being a main one.

Mostly, I want to be able to play a different style game than I do on my main (or most used character). I love what they did so far, with account wide mounts, pets, and achievements, but I think they can do a little more. I think they need to open reps up so you can share those across the board. I know that might muck things up in regards to reputation achievements, but surely they can sort that out. This would truly free up your other toons to take their own path and not have to worry about this or that faction to get their profession patterns.

Garrisons might help with this somewhat, but it could also hamstring our alts once again. As anyone who went through Mists and had 4-5+ farms going at once can attest to, this can be a potentially huge time-sink.

I like being self sufficient and partaking in all the different professions. I like playing different races, even of the same class in some cases.

Beyond that, sometimes the content is that good to just go through it more than once. Not so much in Pandaria, but there were moments in Wrath and Cataclysm that I definitely didn’t mind doing multiple times. Especially holiday events and Operation Gnomeregan.

So how about you? Do you play an alt? If so, what do you want out of them? Feel free to let me know in the comments down below!

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