Thank you Blackhawks

No really, Thank you for a wonderful season. They probably don’t get that a lot. I think I can speak on behalf of most Chicagoans when I offer my genuine appreciation. I think it’s a little easier to let go of the negative feelings after Sunday night’s devastating loss to the LA Kings if we remember the Hawks won two of the last 4 Stanley Cups.

Just like in a relationship, the quickest way to get over the hurt of a breakup is to think about the new. So, let’s do that. New you say? Well yeah. Next season will bring changes. Now, they are by no means going to break up the team, but I think they can add some depth.

Get a little tougher: I am by no means even hinting the Hawk’s are not tough. What they go through in a season, let alone the playoffs would crush most people. Having said that, I’d like to see them poke check a little less and put some bodies on people. Especially in front of the net. I’m not sure if this has to do with overall philosophy, personnel or health, but I think it has to improve if they want to get back to the Cup.

Win more faceoffs, when they count: I know they were pretty good all year and not bad in the playoffs, but at times it was a problem. It kind of ties into my first request. More depth at center would help this. Whether it comes from someone on the current roster or perhaps a veteran they could sign/trade for.

Get hungry again: Survivor said it best in Rocky 3: “It’s the Eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight..” Perhaps they need to say goodbye to some veterans and replace them with a couple who haven’t won a championship. I love this team, but the hard fact is, some of the players might not be as hungry as others. This shows up when it comes time to put a body on someone or sell out for a blocked shot. I’ll tell you one thing. As a life long Cubs fan, I am more excited about the Hawks next year. Put that in your pipe [Theo] and smoke it!

“After the fire, the fire still burns…”

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