Disenchant is your friend

So you are playing Hearthstone and you are starting to get some cards. You might start getting triples of cards. Triples are useless. So you want to disenchant those for crafting other cards. Let’s take a step by step look at how this works.


Click on “My Collection” which is highlighted there.


Then click on “Crafting mode” which is up at the top right corner, next to “My decks”.


This brings up the “Disenchant Extra Cards” button. If you have extra cards, it will light up, and also show how much dust you will gain from doing so. In my case, I have 4 common cards which will net me 20 dust.


You can disenchant any single card by simply clicking on the card in “crafting mode”.

The cool thing about disenchanting your cards is there are a couple safeguards that will help you not disenchant cards you need. One is that you can undo something you did on accident. Another is a pop up message that lets you know the card is not a duplicate. Which should help cut down on those kinds of mistakes.


“Mass Disenchant” quickly turns your extras into dusts!

A couple of tips: Save your dusts for a “legendary” card. Those are really hard to come by. Disenchant those gold cards you get in packs, if you have the “normal” versions of them. You get a serious amount of dusts from them. You can also click on any single card to disenchant them. This is the safer of the features, because you will be able to “undo” it once it’s done.

Hope this mini-guide was a help to you. Have fun!


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