Before you disenchant it, play it!

I got my second legendary card the other day in Hearthstone. Millhouse Manastorm. Took a look at it and was kind of ‘meh’. Not too happy in giving my opponent free shots at me. Then I thought, maybe it could be useful if played early. I was right!


That’s VanCleef, hiding in the shadows, waiting to crush my opponent!

So I put it into almost all my decks! I know. I am ‘that guy’ now that has 2 legendaries (only in one deck). What makes Manastorm even cooler is he is 4/4 which we all know (now we do) is the sweet spot vs priests (they have destroy 3 or < and 5 or > attack cards). The 4/4 base is also nice because if you buff it up and someone silences it, you still have the 4/4. I can wait to mess around with a shaman deck and see if I can get a windfury on him.

He is a great fit for my rogue deck, which capitalizes on low cost cards to set up VanCleef or the 2 questing adventurers I have in there. So if you get a legendary or any other card you think you will never use (for reasons), try them out first, before you do something rash like disenchant them for dusts!

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2 Responses to Before you disenchant it, play it!

  1. Astalnar says:

    Millhouse is becoming a good solution against Warlocks who use very few of their spells. On the other hand it could be a suicide playing it against a mage or rogue,

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah, it is risky for sure. I had it burn me a couple times. I like to have fun when I play so It’s still pretty neat for me. I haven’t tried it out w/ my shaman deck yet. Having too much with my rogue deck at the moment 😉

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