Where do current NFL coaches rank?

This is pretty absurd for a lot of reasons, but I heard this being discussed on 87.7 FM The Game here in Chicago. For us diehard fans of NFL football there is not much going on right now so I will indulge in a little tomfoolery. The Sporting News has their list, let me see what I can do:

1. Bill Belichik, Patriots- is probably the undisputed heavyweight champ. For reasons. He hasn’t won a Super Bowl lately, but he’s been to his share.

2. Tom Coughlin, NY Giants- The resolve on this man is heroic. Staring down being fired, he leads his team up against the 16-0 Patriots and defeats them in the Super Bowl. If that wasn’t enough he meets up with them again 3 years later and beats them again. For that alone, he is #2 in my book. Probably on the way to the Hall of Fame after he rides off into the sunset.

3. Mike Tomlin, Steelers- Is the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl, he did it in his 2nd season. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, he went to another one, lost it, but still impressive to me.

4. Sean Payton, Saints- He took a perennially bad New Orleans team, installed a high powered offense and won a Super Bowl. Helped rebuild the culture there and helped a community heal after the devastation of hurricane Katrina. No small task.

5. Pete Carroll, Seahawks- His second tour of the NFL proved to be more successful than his first. Totally changed the culture and competition level in Seattle. Had the balls to play Russell Wilson over his $30 million dollar free agent QB.

6. Mike McCarthy, Packers- Not sure how he is 10th on TSN’s list. The year he took Green Bay to the Super Bowl they had 20-something players on IR. Followed that up with a 15-1 season. Out of 7 years, only once was his team below .500. I’m saying all this as a Bears fan too.

7. Andy Reid, Chiefs- Totally turned around the culture in Kansas City. Took a journeyman QB in Alex Smith and molded his team into a legitimate Superbowl contender in just one season. Had a nice run in Philly going to championships and did go to one Super Bowl. By far, the best coach without a Super Bowl win.

8. John Harbaugh, Ravens- Ex special teams coach turned championship head coach. Nibbled on the edges of the Super Bowl for a few years before finally getting there and had to beat his brother to do it.

9. Jim Harbaugh, 49ers- Hasn’t won a Super Bowl yet, but went to one and has played in a few NFC championship games. I’m picking San Francisco to go to the Super Bowl this year. They drafted like champions and added a couple key free agents. It’s a love hate thing, because I dig the ex-Bear head coach and like his style, but I absolutely hate the 49ers.

10. John Fox, Broncos- I could easily put him ahead of Jim Harbaugh for taking 2 different teams to the Superbowl. He was given Peyton Manning though. That’s pretty much an express train to the playoffs. Still, he did take a Tim Tebow lead team to the playoffs. Fox is a solid coach and should be one of the favorites to return to the Super Bowl this season.

11. Jeff Fisher, Rams- He’s been at it for a long time. Got to one Super Bowl and was about 3 yards from winning it. I would have loved him coming to the Bears but the stars never aligned quite right.

12. Lovie Smith, Buccaneers- This is all on his work done in Chicago. One Super Bowl trip. Kind of got out-coached a little by his friend and mentor Tony Dungy. Lovie will take Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl. I have no doubt. He’s a solid football coach and a good man.

13. Jim Caldwell, Lions- Took over for Tony Dungy with the Colts and got them to their second Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. When Manning went down, not so much. Not entirely his fault as the team was not set up to function without the Hall of Fame player. Has his work cut out for him in Detroit, but has a lot of talent.

14. Rex Ryan, NY Jets- Love him or hate him, he has had a lot of success, especially early in his career. Don’t count his teams out.

15. Marvin Lewis, Bengals- I don’t know how he has stayed employed through some of his slumps. He is resilient. His teams play tough if nothing else.

16. Mike Smith, Falcons- Solid coach. Helped remodel the team after the Michael Vick implosion.

17. Ron Rivera, Panthers- Did a heck of a job in 2013 after an 1-3 start. We’ll see what he does this season with a revamped WR squad.

18. Chuck Pagano, Colts- Tough man. Tough coach. Hard to say much more  after only one season.

19. Marc Trestman, Bears- This may be a little bit of a “homer” pick. He totally changed the culture in Chicago (not that it needed it) and empowered the offense. 2nd in points, 5th in passing yards. Can’t say that’s ever happened in my lifetime. A lot of the credit goes to GM Phil Emery, who revamped the offensive line last year. Still, Trestman has put in an offensive system that should get more potent each year.

20. Chip Kelly, Eagles- Much like Marc Trestman, Kelly revamped the offense, took an unproven QB in Nick Foles and put up some nice numbers on offense.

21. Bruce Arians, Cardinals- A nice rookie year as a head coach.

22. Ken Wisenhunt, Titans- Yeah he had Kurt Warner, but he still took a 9-7 team to the Super Bowl and damn near won it. Didn’t do a whole lot after that.

23. Jason Garrett, Cowboys- Hard to really rank him. His hands are pretty much tied by Jerry Jones and Tony Romo. Has done some good things with the offense. Possibly a better offensive coordinator than coach?

24. Mike McCoy, Chargers- Did a nice job in his first year as a head coach with Philip Rivers and a beat up WR corps. Unfortunately he is in the same division as Peyton Manning and a stacked Broncos team.

25-27: Doug Marrone, Gus Bradley, and Joe Philbin have been less than impressive for the Bills, Jaguars and Dolphins respectively. They could all be on the hot seat if they don’t show some improvement in 2014.

28. Dennis Allen, Raiders- That whole organization is still trying to overcome the funk of the dearly departed Al Davis. This is kind of the equivalent of a college, “Incomplete”.

29-32: Bill O’Brien, Mike Zimmer, Jay Gruden, and Mike Pettine all are rookie head coaches. No way to evaluate how they will be in year one. Gruden probably has the most “ready to win” team out of the four.

Again, a little silly to rank the coaches, but fun none the less. Where would you rank your favorite coaches? Feel free to comment down below!


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2 Responses to Where do current NFL coaches rank?

  1. fanme57 says:

    Just like players…you can’t judge head coaches on one season. especially when they go to awful teams… Jacksonville had least talent in the league last season, and DOUBLED their win total under Bradley.

    John Fox? Sorry, unimpressed.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I hear you on John Fox, I had a hard time with that one, but he did take 2 teams to the Super Bowl. Rode the Peyton Manning Express on the 2nd one. Still, won a playoff game with Tebow as the QB. Not sure many coaches could have pulled that one out. Thanks for the comment!

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