The next Warcraft holiday: All fools day

Someone mentioned it in The Queue the other day, forgive me for not remembering exactly whom it was. The premise was basically: play pranks on people. At least that is what I remember. So how about a week long prank-fest? Not a jokester? Too bad!

I would put in some items, kind of like we have now with the pumpkinheads, snowflakes, rabbit ears and wands. Only you have to change different races into different things. I would do like, pigs, frogs, donkeys, a Teddy bear? I’m sure they can come up with some neat stuff. I would also make some kind of cool buff to go along with it, so people just don’t hide for a week. They could also extend this to player mounts. How cool would it be to ride around on a flying broom (like Hallows End) or a tricycle/bicycle? Maybe a donkey mount? So many fun things to do! I would put in achievements for getting a couple in a Battleground and maybe a dungeon or two.

There could also be some fun items like mystery chests: You set them out in the open. People click on them. They could contain a shiny prize or maybe transform you into a mailbox or fire hydrant. Maybe give you some kind of buff that gives you a random chance at making a rainbow when you cast a spell, which would lead to a pot of gold? I dunno. I’m spit-balling here :p

So when would it be? If they go with the “St. Patrick’s” theme, it could be the week of March 17th. They might want to do April 1st, because there is a well known pranking holiday around that time. Holiday for some I suppose. Or, they could pick a totally different time of the year. There is no current holiday in August.

It would be a holiday with no real purpose other than to have fun with your fellow players (and/or at their expense!).

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