Chicago Bulls: What If?

As it gets closer to June 23 (the infamous date where Carmelo Anthony opts out of his contract) the speculation continues to grow. Will he stay? Will he go to Miami? Will he go to the Chicago Bulls? Who knows?!? All we can do is dream. So with this in mind, here is another “what if?”.

What if the Bulls land Carmelo Anthony? What if Joakim Noah is the player who wooed him over? They were buddy buddy at the All-Star game. How would oft injured super-star Derrick Rose feel about that? What if the Bulls traded Rose to Minnesota for Kevin Love? *cue sound of a needle skipping off a record* Yeah, probably never would (or could) happen, especially financially–but, what if?

That would give the Bulls a power trio of Noah, Anthony and Love. With Jimmy Butler at 2-guard and Taj Gibson on the bench/6th man. It could be more attractive to Anthony to play alongside Rose, and that is cool too. Both scenarios are fun to think about. Especially the way last season ended. We withstood a brutally cold winter. The Blackhawks got an abrupt end to their championship hopes. Isn’t it time for dreams to come true?

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