Must-craft Hearthstone cards: Part 1

Robert Wing from WoW Insider put out a nice post about 5 must craft neutral cards. If you are new to Hearthstone you should check it out. I would like to expand on it to class cards as well. Now, the rule of thumb I have read/heard was that you should not spend your dusts on crafting anything less than legendaries. I agree with that to a point. I think in the beginning, there area few cheap cards you can make, to ease your burden a bit. Unless you are playing a mage of course!

I’m more into making fun decks using quirky cards (some people say gimmicky) than really making deadly cookie-cutter builds. I love playing cards like the Demolisher and Knife Juggler or boosting up a Questing Adventurer.

Let’s start with mage first, since that is the first class you get to know. Mages have a great basic set of cards, probably one of the best classes in that aspect:

Mirror Entity– It’s a secret and potentially one of the most powerful ones in the game. It puts a copy of the next minion your opponent plays on the board for you. It’s a little hit and miss, but if you play it say in round 5 or 6 you could end up snagging a nice card from your enemy.

Mana Wyrm– For 1 mana you get a 1/3 that get’s +1 attack every time you cast a spell. You can see the potential there. Great for putting it on on your first turn with Mirror Image and the extra mana card. Make sure you put down the Wyrm first though.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice– Costs 2 mana to play, she gives you a 3/2 card that reduces all your spells by 1 mana. This is especially nice earlier in the game, but later in the game it can allow you to cast many spells back to back as well.

Druids have a really good set of basic cards too, but there is 1 card that is pretty powerful and cheap:

Naturalize– for 1 mana it destroys a minion. It does give your opponent 2 cards though, so use it wisely.

Wrath– Deal 3 damage or 1 damage and draw a card. A must have for any druid deck. Especially if you don’t have any of the neutral cards that can add more cards to your hand.

Hunter is one of my favorite classes in Warcraft and Hearthstone, but I didn’t make a hunter deck until I got the Scavenging Hyena and Unleash the Hounds. It’s a nice combo and equalizer:

Scavenging Hyena– Is a little tricky to play. You want to make sure you have some protection for it and have other cards on the board (particularly bests) so you can boost it up. It’s a 2/2 card that costs 2 to play and boosts up +2/+1 for every beast that dies. I try to hold onto it until I can take full advantage of it.

Unleash the Hounds– even though it got pushed to 3 mana to play, it’s still a great card, especially if your opponent has an army of murlocs on the board. If you happen to have a Timber Wolf or a Dire Wolf Alpha on board, even better.

Paladins have some pretty awesome spells and buffs. There are two cards that are really helpful though:

Blessing of Wisdom– For 1 mana you place it on a minion and every time they attack you get a card. I’ll throw this on an enemy minion if I know I can’t kill it soon and need cards. It’s all good because Paladins have a lot of heals just like in Warcraft!

Argent Protector– This 2/2 card will put a divine shield on a minion. Even better when you pull him back with a Youthful Brewmaster and shield another minion!

Priest decks are really fun and have a really great set of basic cards. I crafted a Lightwell after seeing it played, while I don’t suggesting crafting one, it’s a fun and interesting card, at times, really potent if left unchecked.

Mogoshan Juggernaut

The Mogu’shan Juggernaut is just one example of a Priest’s might!

Inner Fire– is probably one of the most powerful cards in Hearthstone. It turns that Mogu’shan Warden into a 7/7 juggernaught. Even better when you use it with Divine Spirit and double that health first. If you are playing a priest deck, you should have 2 of these low mana, low cost to craft cards in it.

Lightspawn– 4 mana gets you a 5/5 card that either shrinks with damage, or gets stronger with added health. There are enough buff cards in a priest deck to make this quite deadly.

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