Dave Otto and Todd Hollandsworth should be in the booth

Hey Ricketts, get a clue. You have two really good baseball guys here. Both were Cubs. Both know the game inside and out. Both have really great speaking voices and energy. Yet, they are not employed on either Cubs radio or broadcast TV. What gives?

I’m especially dumbfounded when it comes to Otto, who filled in nicely and had great chemistry with Hall of Fame broadcaster (oh, he will be) Pat Hughes. I believe he interviewed for the job, yet they went with Ron Coomer. No offense to Ron, I’d rather have Otto in there.

Even though JD (Jim Deshaies) has grown on me, Todd Hollandsworth, who does pre and post game for the Cubs on Comcast is a highly polished baseball guy too. He loves the Cubs. You can hear it in his tone and words. Yet, he is not a “homer”. He calls it as he sees it and is not afraid to criticize the team and players when needed.

Pre and post game is a nice gig, I’m sure there are many men and women who would love to do it. Still, I scratch my head at why these two men are not in bigger roles with the Cubs. What’s the deal?

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