Why you should auto-loot

I was romping around Grizzly Hills, doing my quick PvP dailies for honor, when I doubled back to loot a mob. I’ll be honest, sometimes I skip these in a hurry to get them done. I looted and was surprised when I saw a blue item make its way into my bags. It was Corehound Fang Shoulderpads, which look really neat. This is one of the reasons why you should auto-loot!


  • It saves time. 1 click grabs all your loot
  • All that junk adds up to cash
  • You won’t miss anything if you loot it all

The biggest reason though, is to be kind to your fellow skinners out there. They are just trying to level or harvest skins to level their main profession: Leatherworking. They don’t want charity, but why should good skins go to waste? Besides, you don’t want that bad karma on you, do you? So Pay it forward, and loot those mobs. With auto-loot and AoE looting, it’s easier than ever!

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