Your favorite song named after someone

Had the radio on, like I often do and the song “Ah! Leah!” came on. I got to thinking this was probably my favorite song named after someone. So what better than to make a little list of some of my favorite songs named after someone!

Ah! Leah!- the above named song is a classic–classic rock song. One I remember from my childhood and I love it as much or more today. Crank it loud!

Valerie loves me– I remember hearing this a few times in the 80s but I really didn’t get into it until years later when I rediscovered “80s alternative”.

Joey– Probably my favorite Concrete Blonde song and the one that got me into them. The lead singer always reminded me a little of Anne Wilson, which isn’t a bad thing.

Letter to Elise– One of the best Cure songs ever. If you got a chance to hear this live, you are pretty lucky!

Lola– I have to admit, when I was younger I had no idea what the song was all about. It was way ahead of it’s time. It’s still a good song, regardless.

Aime-This song got a lot of play on the classic rock stations when I was growing up. Apparently, there are a lot of women named Aime or variations thereof in Chicago.

Billy’s got a gun– I had to get some Def Leppard into the action. Maybe people can request this instead of Pour some sugar on me? Not likely.

Fly high Michelle– One of the first girls I had a crush on was named Michelle. This is a nice song from Enuff Z’nuff. Chicago band.

Billy Jean– This was a little popular back in the 80s. Pretty amazing video, even today.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds– As far as I know, it’s about this lady who likes diamonds. The rest you can sort out.

Hope you enjoyed today’s list. It was a fun one to put together!


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One Response to Your favorite song named after someone

  1. Nev says:

    My niece is named after a Marillion song called Kayleigh – not sure they ever made it stateside tho! I love that song, especially the line ‘dancing in stillettos in the snow’ /sigh

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