Are you collecting Bloody Coins?

After the hotfix was announced last week, it made me think to go out and get a Fire-Watcher’s Oath. I put it on in a BG but never seem to get the killing blow needed to get the coin. So Saturday night, I settled in for some shenanigans in Ironforge.


The aftermath of a night of horde sniping in Ironforge!

The result: I had the most fun I have had for this entire expac. The horde came in fast and furious all night. It was so good, I got a couple friends into the action and made a couple new ones! In a few hours time, I racked up 40 bloody coins and over 400 honor. Not bad for simply defending the faction flame.

So, are you collecting Bloody Coins? Midsummer Festival looks like the perfect time to do it!

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