What is the right amount of “clicks” to get the job done?

I play World of Warcraft coming over from console games likeOblivion and Fallout. They are games with a lot of “button pushing” and movement. So, I should be used to the continuously pressing nature of current games. I feel like Warcraft, is sometimes easy on the clicking. But other times, it’s really “click” heavy.


Click, click, click, clickity, click!

Never is this more evident than simply tending your “farm”. I recently started planting veggies for rep and it took me back to how I felt in the beginning of “farming”. Too “clicky”. Way too clicky. Of course, I think fishing can be reduced by at least 1 click or at least let us push 1 button to cast and retrieve.

I could make my life a little easier if I purchased the mega sacks of seeds, but that would require me to dedicate 2 bag slots while I work through the inventory. This is just not an option at this stage for me. So I buy the individual seeds, which means I have to tab-target and click on each plot to plant. This is tedious. 16 tab-targets, 16 clicks. Then I have to deal with each “nuisance” as needed. Hopefully I have less weeds and giant asparagus-things, which require a crazy amount of clicking!

So what is the ideal number of clicks to do something? 1, 2? 5? I’m a less is more kind of guy. I try to play specs that have a tight rotation. Feel free to let me know in the comments down under!

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