Must-craft Hearthstone cards: Part 3–neutral cards

There are a ton of cool neutral cards in Hearthstone, surprisingly, some are low cost to make. You probably even have them and didn’t realize it. So this article works two fold: brings a little awareness and maybe a different way to play something you didn’t think about? Let’s go!

Faerie Dragon– For 2 mana this gives you a 3/2 card that can’t be targeted by spells or Hero abilities. It can’t be targeted by your own though, which means no direct healing or buffs. Still, a 3/2 for only 2 mana is a nice card to have. Especially early.

Youthful Brewmaster– I used to balk at this card until I saw it played with the Argent Defender. Nothing better than giving two cards +1/+1 and taunt and then extracting that dude to do it again. Awesome card if you are playing lots of cards with Battlecry. It also leaves a 3/2 card on the board, which is nice.

Earthen Ring Farseer– A 3/3 card that heals a target for 3 mana. That’s pretty good in my book, especially if you are playing a Warlock that loves to hurt himself. So Emo.

Jungle Panther– This can be even more potent if you play a deck with buffs. Proving that your opponent doesn’t have an AoE that can wipe him off the board before he can attack 😉 3 mana gets you a 4/2 minion with stealth. Attack at on your terms!

Ancient Brewmaster– The big brother to the Youthful Brewmaster, this guy is a 5/4 and can rescue one of your minions for the low cost of 4 mana. This is a pretty impressive card. Hard to imagine I scoffed at his ability once upon a time. This dude is a powerhouse and only 40 dust to craft.

Mogushan Warden– A 1/7 minion with taunt. “Meh” you say? If you are playing a buff deck, you can easily turn this sleeping giant into a force of nature! For 4 mana you are getting quite the immovable object.

Spellbreaker– For 4 mana you get a 4/3 minion with a silence. Pretty solid. Especially against a priest. He get’s in the “sweet spot” at 4 attack.

Stranglethorn Tiger– A 5/5 minion with stealth. You don’t see that tiger until they pounce on you. Too late! This is the big brother to the Jungle Panther.

So that’s it for the “must-craft” series. Hopefully you learned about a few new cards that might have escaped your collection. Did I miss any that others should know about and put in their decks? Feel free to let me know, in the comments down below!

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