Mr. Ricketts, why is the door not padded?

So, I was listening to the Cubs game the other day and heard Outfielder Junior Lake went crashing into the wall at Wrigley Field. I stopped what I was doing and went to the TV to check it out and hope he was Okay. Amazingly he was. I then became frustrated and angry when I noticed it’s the same steel door that’s always been there. Really? In 2014? When you are paying players millions of dollars? This seemed terribly wrong, not to mention pretty dangerous for the players.

I immediately tweeted @Cubs and asked why isn’t the door padded. It made sense to me. Everything should be padded there. I’d put a 2-3 foot pad in between the ivy and the solid brick wall along the outfield. This is 2014, and concussions, as we have found out are a really bad thing. Granted, it’s not necessarily one major blow but a series of smaller hits that may be more detrimental to the brain and it’s health.

Junior Lake is very fortunate to have only sustained some bruises. It could have been a lot, lot worse. So my question is this, Mr. Ricketts, why is that door and all the others in the outfield, not padded? Most stadiums are. It makes sense. It’s good to protect your players and not have someone scramble their brains on national TV. Don’t you think so?

If it was my team and investment, I would make sure they were well protected. I remember too well what happened with Billy Mueller when he crashed into the side of the infield and fractured his kneecap. He wasn’t the same player after that. It took a few years and another team for him to get back into form. That injury should have been avoided too. Especially in this day and age. Mr. Ricketts, I know you have a lot on your plate right now. It’s time to avoid something even worse.



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