10 “I win” cards in Hearthstone

I got a great card the other day in Hearthstone. It is the epic Faceless Manipulator. If you have played a few games, chances are you came across this powerful card. It’s especially nasty right after you buffed up that Questing Adventurer or another card. It’s a “Legendary stealer”. It’s filthy. I dubbed it an “I win” card. It’s a game changer.

So what are some of the other “I win” cards out there? Let’s take a look.

Pyroblast– This card is also “Epic” quality. Costs 10 to play and deals 10 points of damage to your enemy or a minion. If you are using it on a minion, chances are you are in for a loss. It’s a great “come from behind” card. Paired with 2 fireballs on the turn before, can send your opponent off in tilt.

Mind Control– Steal an opponents minion. Yep. Flat out larceny. Nothing like someone stealing your most powerful minion off the board then using it against you. I curse every time it’s played against me.

King Krush– I don’t have it yet, but this Hunter Legendary is an 8/8 beast with charge. If you don’t have anything to take it down after the initial 8 point pop, it’s probably game-over.

Doomhammer– I know, it’s a weapon, but if you don’t have the counter for it, prepared to get hit early and often.

Gorehowl– Another weapon! This one starts out at 7 attack and loses 1 point of attack, instead of durability. It’s pretty devastating, unless you have that Acidic Goo ready to play. Even still, good chances you are getting popped once for 7.

Grommash Hellscream– A warrior Lengendary that has charge and +6 attack when enraged (damaged). Since warriors have many damage cards in their arsenal, a 4/9 with charge can turn into a 10/8 in the blink of an eye. Watch that victory slip from your grasp!

Leeroy Jenkins– This card is definitely deadly, but more so in the hands of a rogue deck and used in combination with Shadowstep. You can also use a Youthful Brewmaster to pull it back and use it again for only 2 mana. Boom!

Ragnaros the Firelord– Doesn’t attack but at the end of your turn deals 8 damage to a random opponent. Usually played late in the game when you are out of removals. Especially bad if your opponent just cleared your board. Good chance that you are taking 8 points to the face unless you can get something out to take the heat off.


Two 12/12 VanCleef’s thanks to the Faceless Manipulator!

Faceless Manipulator– for 5 little mana you can clone your opponents baddest minion on the board.

Bloodlust– This basic Shaman card gives all friendly minions +3 attack. If your opponent left you with a couple unblocked minions, it could be game-over for them.

Do you have a card that you feel is an “I win” card? Feel free to let me know in the comment down below!

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