Why Carmelo can take less money in Chicago

If you follow the NBA, you know the biggest news is probably whether Carmelo Anthony will return to the Knicks or choose another team. Many feel he will not pass up millions of dollars to go somewhere else. But would he? I know one place he can go that would be real competitive and put him in the best chance to earn money: Chicago. There is nowhere else–even NY, where his personality could land him far more than he could make in an NBA season.

Michael Jordan did it. He signed with Nike and made 4-5 times more, even at his highest NBA salary. Am I saying Carmelo would be on par with that? No, but the possibilities are there. He has a larger than life personality and companies would flock to him. Esepcially after he wins his first championship here.

Chicago is the “biggest little city” on the planet. He wouldn’t be lost among all the “glitz and glamor” of New York. There is no Derek Jeter here. We do have Kane and Toews but who watches hockey? (I actually love the sport) Not the average Joe. It’s true, Chicago is a football town, but there is a big endorsement pie here and there are plenty slices to go around.

Derrick Rose makes at least $21 million in endorsements a year, and quite frankly, is very timid publicly. What do you think Carmelo could do in Chicago? According to this list, he is 25th in the world as far as athletes who earn endorsements. I think he would shoot up that list quite a bit if he came here and won.

Carmelo is set financially. He even admitted he has all the money he needs. In New York he is just another sports figure. In Chicago, he would be a star from the second his plane lands, and a chance to be a legend. Uttered in the same sentence as Ditka or dare I say, Michael Jordan. It could happen. It should happen, if Carmelo is half as smart as I think he is.


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